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Bizkaia, the place to be.

Bizkaia is the Bay of Europe, a unique and privileged place. A small territory with big dreams and modern infrastructures, which works to become a reference in innovation and entrepreneurship and moves forward without losing its values, identity and culture.

Bilbao is the capital of Bizkaia, a city of change and home to the Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao is an icon of modernity and the symbol of an innovative society open to international changes, such as the transition from iron industry to titanium. Bizkaia climbs up from Bilbao towards the mountains, through forests and natural reserves, descending to the 150 kilometres of coastline offering wonderful views of the cliffs of the Bay of Europe and the beaches, visiting its fishing villages and breathing salty sea air.

Bizkaia is an enjoyable place. You can enjoy its culture, as well as culture with flavour. Its exquisite gastronomy is elaborated in restaurants renowned around the world and in taverns in Bizkaia, where this culinary art is called "pintxo," a bite of high quality gastronomy. The "pintxos" are one of the small daily pleasures that Basques always enjoy with friends and a good glass of "txakoli," a wine that never fails to please.

Bizkaia is the place to invest. A territory that maintains its industrial character, with the economy linked to various areas such as financial services, automotive industry, aeronautics, machine-tools industry, electrical and electronic goods. Bizkaia has companies with global presence, as well as science and technology parks that lodge leading companies in the fields of biotechnology, renewable energies and nanotechnology. But, above all, Bizkaia has talent, and that is its most valued treasure: highly qualified and well-trained people.

Bizkaia is the Bay of Europe, a small territory with big dreams. A territory that thinks and acts in a different way.

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