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Chefs’ Choice Award 2018, sponsored by Estrella Damm

Chefs’ Choice Award 2018, sponsored by Estrella Damm

Chefs’ Choice Award 2018, sponsored by Estrella Damm

The US chef with a mission to change the future of food

Dan Barber, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Pocantico Hills, USA

If top chefs have a responsibility to use their voices for change, then Dan Barber is leading the pack. From his status as one of the world’s finest cooks, not only has he spoken out against food waste and failings in the agricultural system, he has also used his platform to take positive action towards a healthier planet and a better culture for producing and consuming food.

Barber is best known as the chef-owner of Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, upstate New York, and Blue Hill in New York City, but in recent years he has focused much energy on changing the way chefs and farmers look at food production. In 2018, he launched Row 7, a seed company that aims to eventually sell its seeds for flavoursome vegetables in supermarkets around the world. He has become a champion for sustainability through his pop-up meals project, wastED, he has taught the world about agriculture with his book The Third Plate and he even advised former President Barack Obama on food policy.

Barber opened Blue Hill at Stone Barns in 2004 with his brother David and sister-in-law Laureen, on the same site as the educational institution Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. There he has won countless accolades for his farm-to-table cuisine, which puts vegetables centre-stage and often showcases raw produce picked fresh from the surrounding farm.

Over the last decade, Barber has been quietly influencing chefs around the world, inviting them to help taste and test the crops produced from his new seed project and involving them as guest chefs at his waste food pop-ups. His approach has undoubtedly inspired many cooks to put more vegetables on the menu and he has influenced consumers to cut down on waste at home. As a respected and revered champion for sustainability, Barber has won the ultimate recognition from his peers in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants: the Chefs’ Choice Award 2018, sponsored by Estrella Damm.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns
630 Bedford Road
Tarrytown, Pocantico Hills
New York 10591
+1 914 366 9600